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Experience comfort and durability with our ZUR Summer Driving Gloves. These gloves are crafted from a soft and reliable goat leather material that ensures a comfortable fit while offering long-lasting durability.

The ZUR Summer Driving Gloves are composed of 100% goat leather, known for its exceptional quality and resilience. Additionally, the gloves incorporate Amara fabric and mesh fabric, adding versatility and breathability to the design.


  1. Soft Padded Knuckle Protection with Stretch: The gloves are equipped with soft padded knuckle protection that provides an extra layer of defense against accidents or hazards. The stretch feature ensures a secure and flexible fit.

  2. Stretch Parts on Fingers: Designed with stretch parts on the fingers, these gloves offer enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement, allowing for a comfortable and natural grip on the steering wheel.

  3. Reflective Pipe on Back for Visibility: The gloves feature a reflective pipe on the back, enhancing visibility and promoting safer driving, particularly during low-light conditions or at night.

  4. Large Mesh Parts on Back: The inclusion of large mesh parts on the back of the gloves promotes air circulation and ventilation, keeping your hands cool and relaxed during hot summer drives.

  5. Double Safety Stitching: The gloves are reinforced with double safety stitching, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. This stitching provides added strength and ensures that the gloves can withstand the demands of frequent use.

Elevate your driving experience with the ZUR Summer Driving Gloves. Designed with a focus on comfort and functionality, these gloves combine soft goat leather with essential features such as padded knuckle protection, stretch parts, reflective piping, and breathable mesh fabric. Drive confidently, knowing that your hands are well-protected and your grip remains secure throughout your summer journeys.

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