Introducing the S-TECH Gloves, designed with the modern rider in mind. These gloves are crafted with high-quality goat leather to ensure both durability and comfort. The stretch panels incorporated into the design offer a secure and comfortable fit, allowing for maximum flexibility and control.


  • Perfect for racing enthusiasts and street riders alike, the S-TECH Gloves combine sleek style with exceptional performance, making them a versatile choice for any rider.
  • The gloves are made from 100% goat leather, known for its superior strength and resilience. Additionally, the digital goat leather enhances grip and control, ensuring a confident hold on your handlebars.


  1. Carbon TPU Knuckle Protection: The S-TECH Gloves feature a carbon TPU knuckle protector, providing robust protection against impact and potential injuries.

  2. Finger Padding: Padding is strategically placed on the fingers to offer additional protection and minimize the risk of injuries during rides.

  3. Reflective Piping: With reflective piping, these gloves enhance visibility, particularly during nighttime rides, ensuring you stay seen by other motorists.

  4. Stretch Panels: The gloves incorporate stretch panels on the fingers and under the wrist, allowing for unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit.

  5. Adjustable Cuff Strap: An adjustable cuff strap ensures a secure fit and enables you to customize the gloves to your preference, providing added comfort and convenience.

  6. TPU Scaphoid Protection: The gloves are equipped with TPU scaphoid protection on the palm, offering enhanced impact resistance and safeguarding your hands in case of a fall.

  7. Double Safety Stitching: The double safety stitching reinforces the gloves' overall strength and durability, ensuring they withstand the rigors of regular use.

Experience unmatched protection and performance with the S-TECH Gloves. Whether you're hitting the racetrack or cruising through city streets, these gloves provide a comfortable fit, superior grip, and reliable protection, giving you the confidence to ride with style and safety.

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