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Summer Motorcycle Jacket Features & Functions.

Summer Motorcycle Jacket Features & Functions.

Summer weather is just around the corner. As you're getting ready to ride, you'll want to ensure you've got the right gear. This is especially true if you're riding in hot weather. You need a jacket that will keep you cool while giving you all the features you need.

But how do you know which jackets are the best? Here are some features and functions of great summer motorcycle jackets:

Durability: A good summer motorcycle jacket needs to be durable enough to last for years of use on your bike without wearing out or tearing it apart from regular wear and tear. It also needs to hold up well against weather elements like rain, wind, and sun damage over time so that it doesn't start falling apart before its time is up!

Protection: While a hot day may not seem like much protection is needed when riding your bike around town on sunny days, there are still plenty of dangers lurking around every corner when it comes down.

Lightweight: A summer motorcycle jacket should be light so that it doesn't add too much bulk or extra warmth when riding.

Breathable: They should be breathable. This means they let air flow through them quickly so your body can cool off.

Ventilation: Look for vents on the chest area, back and arms to help keep things cool. They also have vents so that heat doesn't build up inside when you're riding at high speeds or sitting still in traffic.

Adjustable cuffs: They should have elastic cuffs on the sleeves so that they fit snugly around your wrists without letting air in from underneath, where it could get trapped against your skin (or, worse yet, cause an allergic reaction).

Adjustable waistbands: They should also have adjustable waistbands so that they fit comfortably around your waist without bunching up uncomfortably under your belt or rubbing uncomfortably against your skin while riding on bumpy roads or being jostled around by other cars in traffic jams.

Pockets: These can be handy for storing items such as sunglasses or keys.

Reflective accents: Lastly, it should have reflective materials added to help drivers see you at night.

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