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How to Clean Motorcycle Gloves.

How to Clean Motorcycle Gloves.

Many riders find it hard to clean their motorcycle gloves because many different kinds are on the market. We will differentiate between leather and textile gloves since the cleaning varies.


Leather Motorcycle gloves need to be cleaned regularly. Do not use soap or water to wash your leather gloves. You should use products specifically designed for cleaning leather to clean leather motorcycle gloves. Some will clean and moisturize at the same time. Others only do the cleaning. In any case, it is always advisable to use a soft cloth and not apply the product directly on the motorcycle glove.

It is best not to dry leather gloves near heat sources, such as radiators or space heaters, because this could damage them. Also, do not put leather gloves in a tumble dryer; the high heat can cause them to shrink and deform. If you must use a dryer for other clothing or bedding, remove gloves before completely drying and lay them flat on a table or other hard surfaces to retain their shape.


Textile motorcycle gloves can be washed in the washing machine. They should not be mixed with other types of clothing or placed on a delicate cycle. Gloves should be placed in a cloth bag to prevent the Velcro from scratching other clothing. Never use softener if your gloves have a waterproof membrane since it can damage the material. On the other hand, tumble drying can help maintain the effectiveness of waterproof membranes on some types of gloves.


The interior of your motorcycle gloves can become damp, making them uncomfortable to wear. To clean them, use mild soap and warm water. Do not soak the gloves in water; wipe them down with a damp cloth. Once they have dried, you can apply talcum powder to help prevent them from becoming sticky due to perspiration buildup. Do not put waterproof gloves in the washing machine or submerge them in water; this will damage the waterproofing seal and could ruin the gloves.

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